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    The CookSpring Shared Kitchen at The Summit in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a 2400 square foot commercial / commissary kitchen for rent to culinary entrepreneurs. Our mission is to operate this shared kitchen as a springboard for culinary entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and eventually grow into 46807 and the city of Fort Wayne.

    The Shared Kitchen is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is available hourly through an affordable monthly membership.

  • At CookSpring

    Shared Kitchen

    • Easy Startup
    • Health Department assistance, an easy application process, and The Summit’s expertise in event & tenant relationships make the CookSpring Shared Kitchen the perfect place to grow your business faster.
    • Collaborative Opportunities
    • Partnering with The Summit provides opportunities for you to teach classes, market your products, and host special events. The Summit hosts thousands of guests every year, and many of them need food!
    • Affordable Memberships
    • Save money by partnering with the CookSpring Shared Kitchen. With flexible membership options, you can save your upfront time and financial investment and do what you do best!
  • Memberships

    Affordable By Design

    Membership Levels Hourly** Sous Chef Executive Chef Master Chef
    Prepay $0
    Hours Included - 20 40 80
    Kitchen Rate $18 $16* $14* $13*
    Dry Shelves - 1 2 3
    Dry Racks $200 - - -
    Chilled or Frozen Shelves - 2 3 4
    Secure Shelves $60 $60 1 1
    Discount - Extra Storage - 50%^
    *rates apply after included hours are exceeded
    ** monthly minimum may apply
    ^ except Secure Shelves