Can I get a tour of the kitchen?

Of course! Please email info@cookspringfw.com or call 260.446.3226 to schedule a tour.

How can I become a member of CookSpring?

The first step is to tour the kitchen, then to fill out our membership application. After filling out the application and getting your permits as required by the Department of Health, you will sign a facility rental agreement. After going through the onboarding process to learn the kitchen and its culture, you're officially a CookSpring member!

Can I bring other people help me in the kitchen?

Yes, you may bring other people to help you out as long as there is always someone who has been through safety training. Our kitchen can meet your needs even if you have a large team.

What if I am a one-person operation?

We welcome all sizes of operation!

I don’t want to become a member. Can I just use the kitchen one time?

It depends on the kitchen schedule and your purpose. Email info@cookspringfw.com with the details and we'll get back with you ASAP!

How long does it take to become an approved member?

We try our best to complete the approval process as quickly as possible because we know how excited you are in starting your business. The process can be completed in about a week if you are motivated. You will have to contact the Department of Health to get your food permit, a process which we can help with. You'll need liability insurance as well - we can also help with this! Our actual application and onboarding can be completed in a day, so we can get you started as quickly as you can get permitted and insured.

How do I know when space is available?

You can visit our online booking software to check the available spaces and make your reservations.

How do I reserve time?

We use online booking software for scheduling purposes. The kitchen is first come, first served, so the sooner you request the space the more likely we are able to fit your needs.

How can I make changes to reservation? What if I need to cancel a reservation?

You may cancel your reservation anytime before it starts; however, we request that you are respectful of other members who may want to use that space. We have created a separate FAQ for the reservation system, where you can find answers to these and other questions regarding the online reservation system.

What tools and equipment are available in the rental kitchens?

Please visit http://cookspringfw.com/kitchen.html to check out our equipment. While you’re there, get a 360 virtual tour of our spaces!

What happens if I don’t use all the time I’ve reserved?

We will charge you only for the time that you use the kitchen. However, we request that you log in your actual time on the sign-in / sign-out sheet to keep track of the time spent in our kitchen. If you consistently over-schedule, we reserve the right to bill you for those hours in order to ensure fairness for other members.

I’ve got a surprise event. Can I use the kitchen without a reservation / membership?

Sorry, we require that you reserve the kitchen beforehand in order to avoid conflict and to ensure a high-quality experience for our normal members.

How far in advance can I reserve time?

It is first come, first serve, so we allow our members to reserve time whenever they wish up to a year in advance.

What storage space is available?

We offer dry, cooler, freezer, and secured storage. We are generally able to accommodate your needs, so if you have specific requirements please don't hesitate to ask!

What are the hours CookSpring is available?

We are open 24x7x365!

What if I don’t know how to use the equipment in the kitchen?

We're happy to help you learn pieces of equipment during the onboarding process. Additionally, we have instructions posted on our equipment. If you have trouble understanding them, we are more than happy to help out!

Can I just make my food at home?

Indiana’s Department of Health requires that food for resale to be made in an approved facility. It’s unlikely that your home kitchen would meet these requirements. Our kitchen meets or exceeds all requirements, and we are responsible for maintaining all the equipment. We eliminate the headaches so you can focus on your product!

How much does it cost to rent a kitchen?

Please visit http://cookspringfw.com to view our membership options.

What if I need a place to park my food truck?

We have a limited amount of parking available for food trucks. We also have a large capacity ice machine, the ability to dump gray water, and have hosted many successful food trucks in the Fort Wayne area.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, we require all members to hold a $1 million liability insurance policy with Ambassador Campus Properties, LLC listed as an additional insured.